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Insulation Adhesives and Glues

Mineral wool lamination, pipe wrapping, polystyrene lamination – our range of wet, hot and PUR adhesives for insulation have your application covered.

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Kenyon provides a range of industrial strength glues and adhesives for insulation from Henkel Technomelt. With high bond strengths, these insulation adhesives are great for a wide range of uses, including not limited to:
  • Mineral wool lamination - a material used for packaging and insulation made by bonding inorganic materials.
  • Pipe wrapping - a cost effective solution to repairing, rehabilitating and strengthening pipelines. Our glue can be used as the active adhesive to bond the wrapping materials to the pipe.
  • Polystyrene lamination - our adhesives can be used to bond polystyrene and heat sensitive materials to various substrates.
Our range of insulation adhesives and glues are listed below. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch.  

Pressure Sensitive

Product Description
Technomelt PS8673 Very aggressive with a very high tack. Good bond strength.
Technomelt PS8707 Very high sheer strength, good sprayability onto all common insulation materials.

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