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Henkel Aquence and Technomelt range of wet, hot and PUR adhesives for office furniture.

Edge banding, foam bonding, general assembly to flat lamination from Henkel – we have your application covered.

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Edge Banding: Hot Melt Adhesive

Technomelt KS351 Unfilled, very thin glue line, clean running, high thermostability.
Technomelt KS217 Universal edge banding hotmelt, especially for solid wood edges.
Technomelt KS7045 For standard machines with low feed rates ( 12m/min) and thin edges.
PUR: Technomelt RS270/7 PUR Hotmelt in granule or block form. Low working temperature, reduced coat weight, high standard of performance and finish.

Wet Glues/Assembly

Aquence DD060 (thin) Dowel glue for general assembly, highest bond strength with wood and furniture gluing. Suitable for pumps.
Aquence DD060/3 (thick) High viscosity dowel glue, long open time, fast setting.
Aquence WL041/1 Assembly and carcass gluing, high bond strength with gap filling.
Aquence PL3080 D3 PVA adhesive for assembly and surface lamination, Cold and hot bonding of HPL, laminate foils and veneer on timber products.

Flat Lamination

Technomelt PUR 4663 For lamination and general assembly work, very high heat resistance, water and solvent resistance, high strength with cross linking within a few days.

Surface/3D Foil Lamination

Aquence FD115 Lamination of decorative paper or foils to plastic board. Suitable for cold and thermos lamination, thin paper foils, high heat resistance with very short setting time.
Aquence FU400 Powder adhesive for veneering and crossbanding in hot presses. Veneering in membrane presses, high water resistance, long shelf life of powder, long pot life.

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